Violin No2

Violin no. 2 from the Stainer quartet was built in 1659. It has an original label with the inscription «Jacobus Stainer in Absam / propè Oenipontum 1659». [Jacobus Stainer in Absam near Oenipontum 1659].

Since both violins were built in the same year it is difficult to differentiate between them. Violin no. 2 is most clearly differentiated from violin no. 1 through the varnish on its belly (table). It is distinctly lighter and has a regular golden yellow color that does not deviate greatly from the back. The dendrochronological examination from the year 2003 (University of Hamburg, Department of Wood Biology) concluded that the bellies from both violins are from the same tree.
The back is made from a single piece of wood, a beautiful, sharply variegated maple in plainsaw cut. In contrast to violin no. 1, the back’s arch is deformed in two places. This might be because the wood was still relatively young when Stainer built the violin.The corners of the purfling are particularly well preserved on the back and have a wonderful, simple elegance and perfection. The corner blocks and the lower block are original and made of spruce. The rib linings are made of willow and are likewise original. The beautifully constructed scroll has deep grooves. It is made from monochrome piece of maple and shows a good deal of wear on the back side.
The wood ground is beautifully transparent; in combination with the very lightly colored and thin varnish it has a golden orange tone.

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